Stylish個室空間 SAKURA 3時間食べ飲み居酒屋
Stylish個室空間 SAKURA 3時間食べ飲み居酒屋

Access: Famous Stamina Pot All you can eat free ☆ Namba Hips 9F Station directly Nanba walk directly to the exit!

Coupon details

Please either display this image for the restaurant or print the image and bring to the restaurant.

  • Eat 100 + Drink up to 800 + Stamina Pot Food Delivery ☆ Extra slowly 4 hours ⇒ Stylish course 3222 yen (tax excluded)

    • Presentation conditions
      When booking
    • Conditions of use

      2 people ~ Booking on the day OK !! You can use it anytime for 4 hours ♪ Our shop does not have fee changes on weekdays / weekends, charge additions, restrictions on use etc. ☆

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of February 2019

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  • Unless noted, prices include consumption tax.
  • For information which has not been updated since March 31, 2014, the contents are based on the former consumption tax (5%).

2018/09/27 update